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Basketball Ringleader backboards and support systems are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of 10 years from the completion of installation (excluding nets and head guards).
Our patented competition spring back rings carry a 5 year pro rata guarantee.


In addition to our standard 10 year guarantee Basketball Ringleader also provides a separate performance guarantee. The guarantee is for your peace of mind. If your user group is not satisified with the playing performance of the installed equipment, Basketball Ringlewadrer will rectify the problem or remove the equipment and refund all money. This will be arbitrated by you state governing body.


"The Basketball Federation of Western Australia has used Ringleader products for the past 10 years. The Ringleader rings have proven to be an outstanding success in our facility at Perry Lakes Basketball Stadium. Featuring outstanding durability and safety aspects, they have proven to be most acceptable with both the athletes and stadium management.
We have no hesitation in recommending the Ringleader products to any member of the basketball community or to the recreational industry."
John Gardiner - Operations Director, WA Basketball Federation.

"I have coached players at all levels both in the U.S and Australia and have worked in high school, university, and professional facilities. For basketball rims, backboards and supports, Ringleader have proven to be the most innovative company on the market, anywhere in the world. Their designs are creative, but more importantly extremely durable and practical. We have been using Ringleader products for 5 years now and have not had a single complaint. Ringleader is a very basketball knowledgeable company which shows in their designs for both indoor and outdoor basketball standards"
Rod Popp - Head Coach, Cairns Marlins, Queensland.

"This is to certify that Brisbane Basketball Incorporated has used Basketball Ringleader equipment for some ten years, firstly starting with spring back rings. Since then we have used their products exclusively, including new backboards and equipment, in good order and condition. Jeremy, supplies excellent products and personal service, which has helped us keep our equipment in good order and condition.
Fred Van Dongen - Executive Director, Brisbane Basketball Inc.

"Over the last 8 years, while as a Stadium Manager of Gosford City Sports Stadium (1993-98) and Newcastle Basketball Stadium (1999-2000) I have experimented with, tested and evaluated many different basketball rings (and nets). Without question, the Basketball Ringleader structure and system is the strongest, most durable and best designed ring in Australia. Many leading NBL and WNBL players who have played at the abovementioned venues have supported this claim. In addition to the "structural and mechanical edge", Jeremy Gorman Ringleader's Managing Director, provides excellent consumer service, helpful advice, outstanding workmanship and a finished product "second to none".
In my opinion, Ringleader has a number of significant competitive advantages over its rivals.
1. Quality
2. Workmanship
3. Durability
4. Price
5. After Sale Service
The total package offered by Ringleader Australia is outstanding. All courts at Gosford City Sports Stadium have utilised Ringleader's products since its opening in 1993, while at Newcastle we are currently replacing all of our equiment with Ringleader. Ringleader Australia is certainly the "players choice", so listen to the customers and install the best!!!
Phil Matthews - General Manager, Basketball Association of Newcastle.

"After inspecting four different suppliers of basketball equipment we opted for the Ringleader backboards, supports and rings. The decision was made on the stability of the Ringleader equipment which although it would move when bumped the oscillations were quickly dissipated. As a Chartered Professional Engineer I was impressed with the way the load of the equipment was spread over an area of the roof and so reducing high point loads on the supporting building structure. The slenderness of the supports made them blend with the rest of the building so that when the building is used for concert purposes the basketball equipment is not noticeable.
I was impressed with the finish and workmanship of the installation which gave the whole equipment a very professional appearance. We had an awkward time schedule but Mr Gorman and his team cooperated with the other trades involved on the site and achieved the desired result in the time available. I have no hesitation in recommending the Ringleader equipment and the installation work achieved by Mr Gorman and his team.
Neville F Chester - Special Projects Manager, Avondale College.

Basketball WA John Gardiner 08 9284 0555
NSW Basketball Kim Murphy 02 9746 2969
One Aquatics Ian Richardson 0411 451 863
Thornleigh/Dartford Steve Gannon 02 9847 6669
Menai John Gordon 02 9710 0605
Dandenong Steve Dicks 03 9794 7192
Bendigo Ben Harvey 03 5440 6200
Ballarat Peter Eddie 03 5338 1220
Knox Laurie Joyce 03 9762 1298
Bankstown Alex Bacic 02 9707 1866
Maitland Leou Bendeich 02 4934 3503
Avondale College Neville Chester 02 4980 2222
Derby Nick Harrington 08 9191 0999
Gawler Ricky Simpson 08 8522 0657
Katanning Trisha Martin 08 9821 4399
Bunbury Robert Dempster 08 9795 2222
Mt Barker Mark Bird 08 9851 2122
Launceston Heath Butt 0417 533 155
Southport School Brian Hain 07 5531 9971
Brisbane B/Ball Fred Vandongen 07 3371 0200
Townsville B/Ball Dennis Russell 07 4778 3400


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